When the soul is attuned to God, every action becomes music.

Death is a tax the soul has to pay for having had a name and a form.

Indifference and independence are the two wings which enable the soul to fly.

A clean body reflects the purity of the soul, and is the secret of health.

It is the purity of the soul itself that gives the tendency towards cleanliness of body.

A pure life and a clean conscience are as bread and wine for the soul.

Righteousness comes from the very essence of the soul.

Every desire increases the power of man to accomplish his main desire, which is the purpose of every soul.

The soul is either raised or cast down by the effect of its own thought, speech, and action.

Every soul has its own way in life; if you wish to follow another’s way, you must borrow his eyes to see it.

Out of the shell of the broken heart emerges the newborn soul.

Spiritual attainment is the true purpose of every soul.

The seeming death is the real birth of the soul.

Life is an opportunity, not only of accomplishing one’s desires, but of fulfilling even the deepest yearning of the soul.