All the good deeds of a lifetime may be swept away in the flood caused by a single sin.

There is no action in this world that can be stamped as sin or virtue; it is its relation to the particular soul that makes it so.

Those guilty of the same fault unite in making a virtue out of their common sin.

Human suffering is the first call we have to answer. Sin is the fuel for virtue’s fire.

I could not have enjoyed virtue’s beauty if I had not known sin.

Every thought, speech and action that is natural, sound and loving, is virtue; that which lacks these qualities is sin.

The sin of the virtuous is a virtue, the virtue of the sinner is a sin.

Sin is a sin, whether thought, said, or done.

It is not the action which is a sin; it is the attitude of mind which makes it so.

In reality no sin, no virtue can be engraved upon the soul; it can only cover the soul. The soul in its essence is divine intelligence, and how can divine intelligence be impressed with either virtue or sin?

Prayer is the greatest virtue, the only way of being free from all sin.