Every blow in life pierces the heart and awakens our feelings to sympathize with others; and every swing of comfort lulls us to sleep, and we become unaware of all.

It is not by self-realization that man realizes God; it is by God-realization that man realizes self.

The God-ideal is the flower of creation, and the realization of truth is its fragrance.

Life is the principal thing to consider, and true life is the inner life, the realization of God.

Through matter the soul attains to its highest realization; therefore, the physical body is a necessity for the fulfillment of its purpose.

Belief in God is the fuel, love of God is the glow, and the realization of God is the flame of divine Light.

He who fights his nature for his ideal is a saint; he who subjects his ideal to his realization of truth is the master.

Fact is to be observed in action and truth in realization.

The realization of truth is the greatest luxury.

Outward things matter little; it is inward realization which is necessary.

The benefit of the word Almighty is in its realization.

The soul comes to a stage of realization where the whole of life becomes to him one sublime vision of the immanence of God.

Spiritual realization can be attained in one moment in rare cases, but generally a considerable time of preparation is needed.