External life is the shadow of the inner reality.

To be without inner life is like being without an arm or a leg or an eye or an ear. But even that does not really illustrate the idea of the inner life. The reason is that the inner life is much greater and nobler and much more powerful than the outer life.

It is not the conditions in life which change life for us, but mostly it is our attitude – toward life and its conditions upon which depends our happiness or unhappiness.

The saints and sages appear in every guise and in every way of life.

He who with sincerity seeks his real purpose in life, is himself sought by that purpose.

So it is not religion, orthodoxy, outer forms, or a certain kind of life which means spiritual life: it is to be conscious of the spirit that makes one spiritual.

As long as we are ignorant of our own life’s needs and wants and of the secret of our own nature, we can never understand the needs and wants and the secret of another person’s nature.

Because life means a continual battle one’s success, failure, happiness, or unhappiness mostly depends upon one’s knowledge of this battle.

The deeper we study life the clearer we see that life, under all its aspects, under all its names and forms, is constantly working towards the plane of the human being, helping the human being in his life’s purpose which is to become God’s instrument.

While man rejoices over his rise and sorrows over his fall, the wise man takes both as the natural consequences of life.

Each individual composes the music of his own life; if he injures another he breaks the harmony and there is discord in the melody of his life.

Life is a continual series of experiences, one leading to the other, until the soul arrives at its destination.

The whole purpose of life is to make God a reality.

Every blow in life pierces the heart and awakens our feeling to sympathize with others; and every swing of comfort lulls us to sleep, and we become unaware of all.

Man! Thou art the master of life, here and in the hereafter.

He who can live up to his ideal is the king of life.

The external life is but the shadow of the inner reality.

The unselfish man profits by life more than the selfish, whose profit in the end proves to be a loss.

No one will experience in life what is not meant for him.

The best way of living is to live a natural life.

All situations of life are tests to bring out the real and the false.

The hereafter is the continuation of the same life in another sphere.

The man who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

Life is an opportunity, and it is a great pity if man realizes this when it is too late.

Behind us all is one spirit and one life; how then can we be happy if our neighbour is sad?

Every moment of your life is more valuable than anything else in the world.