What is rooted out in the quest of truth, is ignorance.

Astonishment is nothing but an expression of one’s ignorance.

Fear comes from ignorance. For instance, the soul is frightened on entering the body of matter; also, the soul does not know death, and so it is afraid.

The illuminated soul finds its way through darkness both within and without.

In spite of all his limitation, a wonderful power is hidden in man’s soul. What makes man helpless is ignorance of his free will. Free will is the basis of the whole life.

Free will is the mighty power, the God-power hidden in man, and it is ignorance which keeps man from his divine heritage.

Ignorance of the self gives the fear of death. The more one learns of the true self, the less one fears death; for it is only a door through which one passes from one phase of life to another, and the other phase is much better.