The masters of humanity, in whatever period they came to the world, always taught faith as man’s first lesson to learn: faith in success, faith in love, faith in kindness, and faith in God.

To a mystic, faith is the unique power that works through the whole of creation.

True faith is self-confidence.

While faith leads to the destination, doubt pulls back.

No doubt faith is the lamp which lights the path, but reason is the globe over it through which its light appears.

Whatever their faith, the wise have always been able to meet each other beyond those boundaries of external forms and conventions, which are natural and necessary to human life, but which none the less separate humanity.

What is wanted is to understand each other’s faith, to respect each other’s ideal, to regard that which is dear to our fellow man and to the other creatures.

I have often seen that the simple one with a simple faith can be inspired and become illuminated, while the intellectual is always reasoning and does not advance one step.