God made man, and man made good and evil.

Every impression of an evil nature should be met with a combative attitude.

As poison acts as nectar in some cases, so does evil.

A good person proud of his goodness turns his pearls into pebbles; an evil person full of remorse may make jewels of common stones.

Spiritual attainment is attuning oneself to a higher pitch. As the shadow is evident yet non-existent, so is evil.

One who returns less evil for more evil, is ordinary; one who tries to be even in returning evil, is wicked; one who returns more evil for less evil is a devil; but the one who returns evil for good, for him there is no name.

Neither fight evil nor embrace it; simply rise above it.

Pity the wicked one for his evil doing, for he can do no better.

There is no greater teacher for the evildoer than evil itself.

Evil brings success to the wicked, and virtue wins victory for the righteous.

Evil doings apart, evil intentions bring about disastrous results.

Evil is like a shadow.

Evil and ugliness exist in man’s limited conception. In God’s great Being they have no existence.

Evil is only the shadow of goodness; as the shadow is non-existent, so is evil.