Fighting against nature is rising above nature.

The lover of nature is the true worshipper of God.

As the whole of nature is made by God, so the nature of each individual is made by himself.

The only thing that is made through life is one’s own nature.

Simplicity of nature is the sign of saints.

Possibility is the nature of God, and impossibility is the limitation of man.

Lack of understanding of human nature brings about all conflicts and disagreements.

God lives in nature and is buried alive under the artificial forms which stand as His tomb, covering Him.

Nature is the very being of man; therefore, he feels at one with nature.

Truth is the light which illuminates the whole of life; in its light all things become clear, and their true nature manifests to view.

Goodness and wickedness both exist in human nature at the same time; only when one is manifest the other is hidden, like the lining inside the coat.

He who fights his nature for his ideal is a saint; he who subjects his ideal to his realization of truth is the master.

The knowledge of truth does not suffice for imparting it to others; one must know the psychology of human nature.

The vision of nature is the presence of God.

Nature is born, character is built, and personality is developed.

Since the nature of life is action and reaction, every outer experience has a reaction within, and every inner experience has its reaction in the outer life.

The human soul is by nature perfect, but the life of limitation on earth brings imperfection to it.

The soul is happy by nature; the soul is happiness itself. It becomes unhappy when something is the matter with its vehicle, its instrument, its tool through which it experiences life. Care of the body, therefore, is the first and the most important principle of religion.