Every experience, good or bad, is a step forward in man’s evolution.

The way of the Sufi is to experience life and yet to remain above it; to live in the world and not let the world own him.

An experience gained as late as the last hour of one’s life, is still a gain.

Sorrow enables man to experience joy.

If you are annoyed by any disagreeable experience, it is a loss; but if you have learnt by it, it is a gain.

If it were not for pain, one would not enjoy the experience of joy. It is pain which helps one to experience joy, for everything is distinguished by its opposite.

Since the nature of life is action and reaction, every outer experience has a reaction within, and every inner experience has its reaction in the outer life.

The soul manifests in the world in order that it may experience the different phases of manifestation, and yet not lose its way but regain its original freedom, in addition to the experience and knowledge it has gained in this world.

Success comes when reason, the store of experience, surrenders to will.

Our thoughts have prepared for us the happiness or unhappiness we experience.