Through motion and change, life becomes intelligible; we live a life of change, but it is constancy we seek. It is this innate desire of the soul that leads man to God.

It is so rare that one finds a person in the world who is considerate of another person’s feelings even at the sacrifice of his own desires.

Beauty is God’s desire fulfilled in the objective world.

The desire of an infant to look at a thing, to tear it to pieces and see what is inside it, shows that it is the soul’s desire to look into life, to understand life.

A person may keep thinking that perhaps he will be happy when he is a king, or rich, or an officer; then he will gain his desire, and as long as he has not got it, the sweetness of the thought lies only in the hope. As long as there is hope there is sweetness; after fulfilling the desire, the hope has gone.

Whatever a man desires, that desire informs us of the state of mind he is in, and those who understand the mind well, know the mind of another simply by studying the desires and tendencies of his life.

There is satisfaction in the thought of granting some particular desire, there is satisfaction during the time it is being granted, and there is satisfaction after it has been granted. When there is no confusion, or depression, or despair, or remorse, or repentance, then the happiness increases.

Every person desires that there would be in the world someone who understands him well, at least as well as he understands himself.

The mystic desires that which Omar Khayyam calls wine the wine of Christ, after drinking which no one will ever thirst.

Every man’s desire is according to his evolution; that which he is ready for is the desirable thing for him.