The resurrection is that moment after death when the soul becomes conscious of all its experience.

‘Die Before Death’ There is a symbolical picture known in the philosophical world of China that represents a sage with one shoe in his hand and one on his foot. It signifies the hereafter, that the change that death brings is to a wise man only the taking off of one shoe.

Death is nothing but the taking off of one garb and giving it back to that plane from which it was borrowed.

But the principal thing for a Sufi is to deny his limited personality and to affirm the sole existence of God, that the false ego, which is subject to births and deaths, may fade away and the true ego, which is the divine hidden in man, may rise and discover itself.

To live in the body or the mind is to live in vehicles upon which one becomes dependent but which must pass, and be no more. Therefore, the lesson that we must learn is how to swim, how to float, how to prevent ourselves from sinking in the flood of death or mortality.

But what is death? Nothing but a sleep: a sleep of the body, which was a cloak.

Death is the crucifixion after which follows the resurrection. Death is the night after which the day begins. It is death which dies, not life. The life everlasting is hidden in the heart of death…

At death comes leisure. After death the mind comes to greater life, a life more real than here.

Death is an unveiling, the removal of a cover, after which the soul will know many things in regard to its own life and in regard to the whole world which had hitherto been hidden.

Death opens a door between here and hereafter.

Death takes away the weariness of life and the soul begins life anew.